Set up multiple SPI devices for Raspberry Pi 4B

According to the BCM2711 pin setups[1][2],Raspberry Pi 4B has 5 exported sets of SPI controllers: SPI3, SPI4, SPI0, SPI5 and SPI1. By default, SCLK of SPI4 and CE1_N of SPI1 share the same GPIO7 pin. When the Linux kernel is fired, a device tree and certain overlays are loaded. We can enable multiple SPI controllers like spi0-cs-overlay.dts in stock firmware[3] does.

We may disable the second chip enable line of SPI0 in first:

/ {
        compatible = "brcm,bcm2835";
        fragment@0 {
                target = <&spi0_cs_pins>;
                frag0: __overlay__ {
                        brcm,pins = <8>;
        fragment@1 {
                target = <&spi0>;
                frag1: __overlay__ {
                        cs-gpios = <&gpio 8 1>;
                        status = "okay";
        __overrides__ {
                cs0_pin  = <&frag0>,"brcm,pins:0",
# compile
dtc -I dts -O dtb -o spi0-1cs.dtbo spi0-1cs.dts
# copy to boot partition
sudo cp spi0-1cs.dtbo /boot/overlays

And then enable SPI3, SPI4, SPI5 and SPI1 which are already given in stock firmware. The following lines should be added into/boot/config.txt. Attention must be paid that we should comment out the default spi=on:


We can also apply the previous trick to other device tree overlays. Here I added additional three MCP2515 CAN controllers[4]:


Log from dmesg indicated that four CAN controllers were all working smoothly:

pi@raspberrypi:~$ dmesg | grep spi
[    4.387592] spi-bcm2835 fe204600.spi: no tx-dma configuration found - not using dma mode
[    4.391881] spi-bcm2835 fe204600.spi: chipselect 0 already in use
[    4.391898] spi_master spi3: spi_device register error /soc/spi@7e204600/spidev@0
[    4.391915] spi_master spi3: Failed to create SPI device for /soc/spi@7e204600/spidev@0
[    4.392332] spi-bcm2835 fe204800.spi: no tx-dma configuration found - not using dma mode
[    4.394967] spi-bcm2835 fe204800.spi: chipselect 0 already in use
[    4.394982] spi_master spi4: spi_device register error /soc/spi@7e204800/spidev@0
[    4.394999] spi_master spi4: Failed to create SPI device for /soc/spi@7e204800/spidev@0
[    4.419969] spi-bcm2835aux fe215080.spi: chipselect 0 already in use
[    4.419986] spi_master spi1: spi_device register error /soc/spi@7e215080/spidev@0
[    4.420005] spi_master spi1: Failed to create SPI device for /soc/spi@7e215080/spidev@0
[    5.351820] mcp251x spi0.0 can0: MCP2515 successfully initialized.
[    5.368085] mcp251x spi3.0 can1: MCP2515 successfully initialized.
[    5.379651] mcp251x spi4.0 can2: MCP2515 successfully initialized.
[    5.390782] mcp251x spi1.0 can3: MCP2515 successfully initialized.


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